Keep the Sniffles at Bay

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Is everyone around you getting sick lately?  Have you managed to dodge the most recent flu or bug that’s been going around the office or school?  Or perhaps you’ve just taken the day off to recover from something you just caught?

Do you have what it takes to stay healthy?  Let GIVEN show you your best tools for staying well for the duration of the winter or getting over your cold quickly, and give you some great items for your household Medical Wishlist!

Umcka. Got that tickle in your throat, and know that a viral infection is just at the brink of exploding into a full blown cold?  Many people swear by Umcka, chewable tablets which contain natural ingredients believed to not only fend off symptoms, but also shortens the duration of your illness.  While this product has not been clinically proven, it has many good reviews.  And when it comes down to it, even a placebo effect might be worth a try if it’s for the benefit of your health!

Braun Thermometer.  Think you’ve got a fever?  Not sure?  Grab the most sanitary and simple kind of thermometer on the market: an ear thermometer that has clinical accuracy and allows for easy, no fuss use.

6 Section Apothecary.  If your medicine cabinet is overflowing with half-empty pill bottles and squashed pill boxes with pill sheets spilling everywhere, you might want to get a little more organized with your very own pill organizers.  This handy apothecary bottle can be used as your mini cold and flu medicine chest, with your fever reducers, cough suppressants, preventative supplements and sinus clearing meds all together in one convenient package.

Chef’s Choice Electric Kettle.   When you’re ill, people always tell you to drink plenty of fluids.  A great way to do that is to indulge in your favorite soothing herbal teas.  The warmth will keep you comfortable even if you’re shivering from a fever, and the steam can help to open up congested sinuses.  Try out this sleek, sophisticated kettle and start drinking your way back to health!

Vicks Vaporub.  When you’ve fallen ill despite all your best efforts and all you have to do is ride it out until your body kills off the virus, you can try to make the best of the situation.  Having clogged up sinuses can cause everything from endlessly watering eyes to pounding headaches and coughing, so if you can clear out your sinuses, being sick can be a little less miserable.  Vicks Vaporub is still one of the best items you can find to clear your sinuses and halt your coughs, so rub away!

Grab these items for your sicktime GIVEN Wishlist for your best chances of avoiding the flu, and getting better ASAP if you’re not feeling well!

Happy National Margarita Day!

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A tangy toast from GIVEN to you!  Are you enjoying your National Margarita Day beverages yet?

The Mexican margarita is the most popular tequila-based cocktail enjoyed in the US; if you haven’t had them before, they are traditionally served as a chilled or half-frozen mixture of tequila, lime juice, Cointreau or triple sec.  The unique final touch is the salt that sits on the rim of the glass which offsets the drink’s often biting tang.

If you haven’t yet discovered the refreshing deliciousness that is an icy margarita after a hectic workweek, stay tuned: we’re going to introduce you to a few essential items to make the perfect drink at home.  As hot weather will be here before you know it, you can check off these items early and add them now to your next party or birthday GIVEN Wishlist to be prepared for summer!

101 Margaritas.  Need some instruction, or just some creative inspiration?  Margarita recipe possibilities are endless, and you can find many of them in this nifty book with fantastic recipes and gorgeous photos to get you in the mixing mood.

Rokz Lime Margarita Salt.  Made with only the highest quality ingredients, this blend of lime-flavored salt is perfect to top off your margarita creations!

Maragritaville Frozen-Concoction Maker.  If you want quality, you not only need high quality ingredients, but high quality mixing action.  This highly rated machine creates professional slushy, icy drinks and shaves ice like a pro!

Pitcher and glasses set.  Presentation is important when it comes to making the perfect drink.  This complete margarita set of 6 9 ounce glasses including glass pitcher will make your concoction look both professional and classy.

Get your GIVEN Wishlist ready to enjoy your margaritas!



Dating help from your iPhone!

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Now that all the 50% off candy from Valentine’s Day has been consumed, how’re you feeling?  Were you one of those who got tired of seeing your friends and family’s facebook posts on Valentine’s Day depicting flowers and dinners and stuffed animals?  Do you denounce the overratedness of the holiday…

…but at the same time kinda wish you had had your own date to share photos about?

Have you made a conviction to spend next year’s February 14th with someone special?

Sometimes you have to take charge and find love when it hasn’t found you yet, and one of the very effective ways people are doing that is to get some high-tech help!  Grab that GIVEN Wishlist of yours and improve your chances for love with these great dating iPhone Apps!

1. Dating DNA. This app has a free version and a one-time fee Plus Edition, allowing you to do real  online dating straight from your phone without any monthly fees!  This app connects you with real people, real profiles and compatibility matching as the first full-service dating app for the iPhone.

2. Charmistry.  Baffled by the opposite sex?  Not sure what first impressions your body language is giving off?  This neat little app is packed full of fun tidbits and factoids about human behavior, from finger biting to posture, so you can be sure that you project the most appealing and confident version of yourself possible!

3. Date Smart.  Dates can be so much more than just eating or having coffee, but sometimes it’s hard to come up with good ideas.  Enter Date Smart, an app that provides you with countless suggestions for local activities for dates!

4. Wine To Match.  Got a dinner date but not sure how to make it classy?  Check out this app, which advises you on what kind of wine to pair with the food you’re having with your date!

5. Date Escape. Unfortunately, not every date you go on is going to be great, and it’s always best to be prepared to bolt when you need to.  This handy little app is the perfect savior when you need to get out of an awkward date: it will call or text you at a preset time, giving you the perfect excuse to leave a bad situation with your pride intact and without seeming heartless.

Have you GIVEN yourself a chance with a new special someone yet?  Add these and other great dating help iPhone Apps to your GIVEN Wishlist today!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

All of our love has been to You! 

Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone at!

We hope you are all set to celebrate with a loved one, and have made good use of your GIVEN Wishlist to collect all the resources for the perfect romantic evening!  Holiday gifts can be expensive, so be sure to be smart about gifting by using the group-funding power of GIVEN!

Curious what others have been spending on this holiday?  Here’re some staggering numbers, brought to you by The Atlantic!

Not everyone is buying something special for their romantic partner; other loved ones and special relationships are getting celebrated today as well!

If you’re single, never fear!   Plan a night out with your other single friends, or set yourself up for a relaxing night of quality you-time today after work.  Whatever your plans, stay safe and have fun!